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What is Stranger Soccer?

Stranger Soccer is a simple and powerful platform for soccer enthusiasts to organise or join friendly soccer games effortlessly. We provide a vast range of games, teams and players to play with, and we strive to make every game experience a great one!

Whether its a 5v5, 7v7 futsal game or 11 a side friendlies, Stranger Soccer uses technology to connect players and teams with unique preferences with each other. With just a few clicks, you can now enjoy a game of soccer.

Why Stranger Soccer?

Many of us grew up in football crazy Singapore always facing the same problem : Why was it so hard to get all my friends to come down at the same time for a footy session! Dragging your friends down to the court, making sure the pitch is booked, and all the tiring work needed to organise a simple game can really spoil the overall enjoyment for everyone. So we thought of an idea to create a portal where football enthusiasts could benefit from. The idea was to minimise all the hassles involved, so you can just turn up and Enjoy the Game! 

Moreover, one of the greatest joys and excitement of soccer comes from the varying styles of players and teams. Stranger Soccer connects you with other players through the sport that you all love to forge new friendships and enhance game experiences! So let us help you get started and Enjoy the Game!


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300 over games every month in various locations throughout Singapore