facebook How To Book Futsal & Soccer Games with Stranger Soccer


Already got an 11-a-side team? Just need a compatible opponent, pitch, and referee? Get it all with one click. Here's how it works.

1. Choose a game from our range of available games. Use our filter to find the game that suits you best.

2. Book the team slot you need. Be sure you have sufficient funds in your Stranger Soccer account. If not, you will be prompted to top it up first.

3. Enjoy the game! If you need to cancel, you will be refunded in accordance with our generous cancellation policy.

Game On!

As soon as the two teams are matched, the game will be confirmed. You will be notified via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Just turn up and enjoy the game!

In the event that less than the two teams are in place 24 hours before kickoff, a pending game will be cancelled, and you will be notified accordingly.

Withdrawing From a Game

Stranger Soccer understands that plans change! Any time before a game is confirmed, a team may withdraw with full refund. Once confirmed, teams may not cancel and there will be strictly no refunds.

Wet Weather

Unless informed by Stranger Soccer in advance that game will be cancelled, teams are required to turn up at the venue before kickoff. If it is still raining, the Teams and Referee will wait for 30 minutes. Once the rain subsides, the game will carry on. If the Referee deems that the game is unplayable, game will be called off and each team will receive a refund minus a $20 fee to compensate for the Referee's time.