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Important Information

You must have Booked the pitch and be a Responsible Host to host a game. How to be a Responsible Host?

1) Ensure that the number of slots you reserved is Equal to the number of players you bring to the game.

2) Ensure that all players enjoy a Fair amount of playing time. Be Friendly.

*All payment received will be added to your Stranger Soccer wallet after the game. To receive the money in your bank account, simply request for a withdrawal. A 5% service fee for bringing players to you will be deducted upon withdrawal. To save on the service fee, simply use the balance to join other games or purchase items from our store!

*We reserve the right to remove your game if you are not contactable or if the pitch has not been booked.

*In order to build a long term win-win relationship with you, you should not book slot(s) for any player or team that you have met via Stranger Soccer. A host may face a ban from hosting if he chooses to abuse the system.