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Crest Secondary School (11 Aside) Waitlist Available

Sun, 13 Jan 2019
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Welcome All
Astro Turf (Pitch 1)
Per Player
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New Host

Eden Ho

Max Players - 16 Waitlist Available


Game Description

1) 11 aside friendly with max of 5 subs per team. We will form one team to play against another team with compatible skill level.
2) Team will be split based on preferred position. We will be wearing WHITE COLOURED jersey for team splitting flexibility.
3) Keep the game friendly and safe!

Safety Rules

1) Watch your tackles, we don't want anybody injured after the game.
2) No wearing foreign objects

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation, with full refund, is allowed up until 12 hours before game time and if there are more players than the minimum! After that, cancellations are no longer permitted.

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Sun, 04 Nov @ The Rainforest

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Sun, 13 Jan 2019
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Crest Sec
Hosted by Eden Ho