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Bishan Park (Open Area) 6 Slots Left

Wed, 01 Jul 2020
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Football Fitness
Hard Court
S$ 20 00
Per Player
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Saravenen Manohgaran

Max Players - 10 6 Slots Left


Game Description

New! Football Fitness is a GROUP WORKOUT CLASS, fusing elements of cardio and strength training with football, the world's #1 sport!

Just looking for a fun, outdoor workout? One that's way more fun than the usual gym classes?

Or do you play football, and want to improve performance on the pitch? Or get back from a period of inactivity or injury?

EITHER WAY, this session is for you! Men and women of all ages are welcome.

This friendly instructor-led session will include:
(a) warm-ups and dynamic stretching to awaken your muscles;
(b) a series of exercises that incorporate a football, sure to provide a good cardio workout and improve your agility; and
(c) other exercises to build and condition your muscles.


1) Bring athletic shoes or turf shoes, comfortable clothes, and water
2) BRING A BALL (if you don't have one, let us know in advance)
3) Come with a great attitude. Be positive and get the most out of this session!

In compliance with guidelines set by the authorities, participants will be organized in groups of 5 or fewer, with each group 3 meters apart, and no interaction between groups. Within the group, participants should endeavor to maintain a social distance of 2 meters from one another.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation, with full refund, is permitted up to 24 hours before event. Within 24 hours of the event, cancellation is no longer permitted.

If you truly can not make it, and it is within 24 hours of event, please inform our Customer Service team at +65 9726 9110, so they can take note. "No shows" can affect the game experience and are frowned upon.

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Wed, 01 Jul 2020
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Bishan Park
Hosted by Saravenen Manohgaran

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