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Hey, keen to earn $10 & $20 GIFT VOUCHERS for Xbox, Playstation, iTunes, Adidas, LiHo bubble tea, and more?


Introduce your friends to Stranger Soccer Junior and earn REWARDS! 😃

We’ll give you your own promo code, e.g. ZACHARY

Get your friends interested to play, and have them WhatsApp us mentioning your code

We’ll take it from there! If they play (their first game is just $5!) you will be rewarded!


Choose Xbox, Playstation, ITunes, Adidas, Nike, LiHo & MORE!
  • XBOX

  • Playstation

  • iTunes

  • Adidas

  • Nike

  • LiHo


For the first 5 new friends, you will get a $10 voucher

For the next 5 new friends, another $10 voucher

After that, for every 10 new friends, another $20 voucher!

Get Started!

To get your promo code, contact us:


 +65 8815 8853

P.S. You yourself can use the promo code JUNIOR5OFF yourself to get $5 off YOUR next 5 games.