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U21 League 6-aside

Every Sat/ Sun
10am - 12pm
West Coast Pitch
Per Team
Game Format 6 v 6 With 4 Subs
Closing Date July'19
Prize Money Cash Prizes
1st - $300 + $150 WCP vouchers + medals
2nd - $200 + $150 WCP vouchers + medals
3rd - $100 + $150 WCP vouchers + medals
Price Registration fee S$50, Match fee S$80
Key Terms And Conditions • All registered players are to be of age 21 and below. (As long as the player is celebrating his/her 21st birthday in 2019 he/she is eligible to participate)
• All registered players under the age of 21 are to sign off on the indemnity form
• Replacements will need to be submitted to organizers, subjected to approval
• Each team will play each other twice in a single season
• Each team will be allowed 1 (one) postponement per season
• All teams are to make payment before season starts
• Kindly refer to the attached below for the complete rules and regulations
Rules And Regulations Click Here For Full League Rules And Regulations
Indemnity Form Sports Indemnity Form

    Teams - 0/15



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