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Payment & Refund

We are pleased to offer online payment via credit or debit card, using “Stripe” as our secure payment gateway.


We are also happy to accept bank transfers using ATM Transfers or iBanking.


At Stranger Soccer, each user has a personal wallet to store funds. All online payment and refunds will be made into this wallet.

Add Money

To receive the money immediately in your wallet, we recommend payment via debit or credit card.

For payments via iBanking or ATM Transfer, the money will be added to your wallet once we receive the payment, generally within one business day for major banks in Singapore.  Use the Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST) for interbank transfer to speed up the transfer.


A transaction fee of $0.50 will apply for each transaction when you top up your wallet. 

Withdraw Money

You can withdraw the money from your wallet anytime via the "withdraw money" option. You will receive the funds in your bank account within 7 working days.


Alternatively, we can refund the amount directly to your credit card if your initial payment was made via this method.


An administrative fee, equal to the larger of $2.00 or 5% of the withdrawal amount, will apply.