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What is the Stranger Soccer Code of Conduct?

Respect is an important part of football, and Stranger Soccer is about friendly play. Do your part to observe Stranger Soccer's Code of Conduct at all times. 

  • Be on time and avoid "no shows". If you have a last-minute issue, do your part and inform us.
  • Remember that we play for fun and to enjoy the game. Aggressive or violent behaviour or language is not tolerated. Avoid criticizing other players.
  • Respect the Official Host and/or Referee's decisions. Win or lose with dignity. 
  • Football is for everyone. Join us in embracing fair play and saying no to racism of any kind.
  • Observe good hygiene. Avoid spitting or unnecessary body contact, handshakes, or high fives.
  • Respect the platform & community. If you would like to connect with other players, do so through the App. Remember that all players have agreed to not solicit or collect contact information from other players to set up games (or to recruit for leagues or clubs) outside of Stranger Soccer, and doing so may result in severe repercussions. Players who are active organizers of such activities may be preemptively precluded from using the platform. 

If a player does not follow the Code of Conduct, any/all of the following actions may be taken at Stranger Soccer's discretion:

  • A warning or "Yellow Card"
  • A "Red Card" suspension from the platform for a specified period of time 
  • A permanent ban from Stranger Soccer 
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